War Crimes Testimony By Major Ben E. King




Judge Advocate General's department -- War Department

United States of America



Perpetuation of Testimony of Ben E. King, Major, 0-275671.


In the matter of the killing, by the Japanese, of an unknown American enlisted man at Camp Cabanatuan No. 1 during the latter part of 1943 or early part of 1945.



Taken at:

  District Intelligence Office San Antonio, Texas.


  6 June 1945.

In the presence of:


James C. Fitzgerald,
Special Agent,
Security Intelligence Corps,
Eighth Service Command ASF.



Maxine G. Kelley,
Clerk Stenographer,
District Intelligence Office,
San Antonio Texas.

Questions by:

  Special Agent James C. Fitzgerald.



Q. State your name, rank, serial number and permanent home address.

A. My name is Ben E. King, Major, CAC, ASN 0-275671, and my permanent home address is 5210 Fairfax Walk, Austin, Texas.


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