The 1930's


We have no record of the origin of this poem except that it was found amongst a pile of photographs known to us as the Kuncken Collection - a collection of images and papers of a soldier by the name of Kuncken who was posted to Fort Drum during the early 1930's. Whether he collected it, or wrote it, we have no idea.




 A soldier is a nobody,

We hear lots of people say,

He is an outcast of the world,

And always in the way.


We admit there are many bad ones,

From the army to the marines,

But you will find the majority,

The most worthy ever seen.


Most people condemn the soldier,

When he takes a drink or two,

But does the soldier condemn you,

When you stop to take a few?


Now do not scorn a soldier,

But take him by the hand,

For the uniform that he wears,

Means protection to your land.


The government picks it's soldiers,

From millions far and wide,

So place him as your equal,

Real buddies side by side.


When a soldier goes to battle,

You cheer him on his way,

You say he is a hero,

When in his grave he lay.


But the hardest battle of a soldier,

Is in times of peace,

When people mock and scorn him,

And treat him like a beast.


With these frw lines we'll close, sir,

And we hope we don't offend,

But when you meet a soldier,

Just treat him as a friend.






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