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Queen Emma, 1932 Manila Carnival

Emma changed to a simpler banded crown and Filipiniana attire designed by Pacita Longos for her other royal appointments, which consisted mainly of crowning provincial queens, attending social functions which sometimes require her to travel by boat. Despite her stature, Emma’s feet remained firmly on the ground and after her reign was over, she married Dr. Enrique Ruiz, a longtime family friend and several years her senior, a year after the Carnival.



The couple had five children: Enrique Jr., Josefina (died in infancy),Isabel and Anna Maria. Emma’s fairy tale life was destined to be short, for child-bearing and the war took its toll on her health. She was bedridden for most of 1942 and on 20 March 1943, the toast of the1932 Manila Carnival, Emma Zamora, passed away at age 30.

(text by Alex R. Castro of Manila Carnivals 1908-1939)

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